(JANUARY 15, 1962)

NOTE --- The last three minutes of this January 15, 1962, Presidential press conference are missing from the audio file presented above. In the interest of completeness, the missing three questions and President Kennedy's answers are written out in text form below (courtesy of the Official White House transcript):

QUESTION -- "Mr. President, do you have any comment on the recent negotiations in the Common Market, their movement into the second phase, their negotiations with us on agricultural products?"

PRESIDENT KENNEDY -- "We have had a long negotiation, stretching back over eighteen months on the matter -- with the Common Market. We sent over Mr. Peterson and the Under Secretary of Agriculture, Mr. Murphy, in December. We sent them back again this week. The arrangement which has been developed in the last few days has improved our position. We always will have -- and I believe that this is one of the arguments for the powers which I requested from the Congress -- a difficult struggle with agricultural productivity rising in Europe, with the balance of agricultural trade, we are sending to the Common Market about a billion one hundred million and taking back about two hundred million from them--it is quite obvious that it is impossible for us to trade evenly with them on agriculture. So therefore we have to trade across the board, and given the difficulties which the Common Market is now running into with agriculture, and which we will see more of when the British negotiations get advanced, I would think that this looks like, from all the information that I have, this looks like the best arrangement that we could make and seems to be in the public interest, and is, I think, on the whole, satisfactory."

QUESTION -- "Mr. President, sir, there has been much to-do in the papers recently about memberships in various clubs affecting members of your Administration, having to do with the Cosmos Club and the Metropolitan Club, with which you are familiar. Sir, do you have any particular standards of your own which you apply in your own case as to memberships in various clubs, as to whether they should be co-educational or bi-racial?"

PRESIDENT KENNEDY -- "I have said from the beginning that I thought this was a personal matter which involved not only the members of this government, but involves everyone in the city and everyone in the country; and every individual must make his judgment in the way that he believes to be right, and I have stated that my application for the Cosmos Club was not being renewed."

QUESTION -- "Mr. President, you did not specifically mention doctors in your opening statement. If you get Medicare legislation, where will you get the doctors, the nurses and the hospitals to furnish the old people's needs?"

PRESIDENT KENNEDY -- "I was talking about scientists on this occasion, but as you know we have asked in the State of the Union Address for some assistance to medical schools and nursing schools. The fact of the matter is that our doctors are falling far behind the rate of increase in our population, and we are going to find it increasingly difficult to serve our people well. I don't think the solution should be to deny medical care to people, however. I think we can do much better than that, and I would suggest that the best remedy would be to assist us in the program we recommended to strengthen our medical schools so we get the doctors we need."